Quick Answer: Is T Cell Or B Cell Lymphoma Worse?

Which lymphoma is more aggressive?

Less common forms of B-cell lymphoma include: Burkitt lymphoma: Considered the most aggressive form of lymphoma, this disease is one of the fastest growing of all cancers..

What is the difference between B cell and T cell lymphoma?

While B cells produce the antibodies that target diseased cells, T cells directly destroy bacteria or cells infected with viruses. This type of lymphoma is a fast-growing disease that is treated more like acute leukemia.

Is B cell or T cell lymphoma worse in dogs?

T-cell lymphoma is generally associated with a worse prognosis compared with the more common B-cell lymphoma (2,3). The incidence of lymphoma originating in γδ T-cells is very low in both humans (4,5) and dogs (6), and the prognosis is generally poor.

What is the survival rate of T cell lymphoma?

Patients who have stage IIB disease with cutaneous tumors have a median survival rate of 3.2 years (10-year survival rate of 42%) Patients who have stage III disease (generalized erythroderma) have a median survival rate of 4-6 years (10-year survival rate of 83%)

How do lymphoma patients die?

People with NHL most often die from infections, bleeding or organ failure resulting from metastases. A serious infection or sudden bleeding can quickly lead to death, even if someone doesn’t appear very ill.

How long can you live with lymphoma without treatment?

Craft [8] and Greco et al. [9] evaluated 52 and 80 biopsy-proven cases, respectively, of untreated Hodgkin lymphoma from 1910–1962. The median overall survival from Craft’s series was 16.6 months, with a 3 year survival of 15.4%, and greater than 5 year survival of less than 6%.