Quick Answer: How Did They Kill SCP 096?

Can SCP 096 be killed?

SCP-096 was said to be able to take “at least a thousand” .

50 caliber rounds at his torso, as well as an ANTI TANK round, with no structural damage whatsoever.

You’d need something really powerful to cut through his bones, such as a buzz-saw.

SCP-682 might be completely invincible..

Does SCP 096 eat its victims?

he quickly digests the body and gradually turns back to normal for the next 20 minutes. SCP-096. Either rape or devouring you in one gulp. It has one heck of a mouth.

What is scp6789?

Description: SCP-6789 is a humanoid containing 10.68 in size, of arm resting on the floor and legs covered, floating and containing a covered neck and with a head in the form of two megaphones with the second megaphone pointing to the right.

What if a blind person looks at SCP 096?

The act of perception of a perfect representation of SCP-096 is critical to activating its cognitohazardous effect. A blind person, not being able to perceive its face, is therefore immune to 096’s pursuit because they have no ability to view its face.

What is the strongest SCP?

SCP-343SCP-343 is probably the most powerful, but the least terrifying. SCP-076 Able would be one of the most terrifying. SCP-343, SCP-076. 2935, easily.

What if SCP 096 looked in a mirror?

Re: What would happen if 096 or 173 looked in a mirror? 096 would get creeped out like a b*tch and proceed to pursue himself through the mirror frame, entering an alternate universe where he chases a hallucination of himself endlessly. The experiment must be conducted for the good of mankind.

How did SCP 096 die?

SCP-096 dropped its hands to its sides. It looked up at one of the agents, reached out, and began to run. Everyone opened fire. For the first time, and perhaps the last, bullets sank into the thing’s body and bones.

How was SCP 096?

After killing the last of its victims, SCP-096 was recaptured by placing a bag on its head to prevent further viewing of its face.

What is the weakness of SCP 096?

Spawns InStrengthsWeaknessesAbilities make it difficult for targets to escape. Incredibly fast and strong when enraged. Hume shield protects HP and can regenerate.Vulnerable to Fragmentation Grenades, the Micro H.I.D., and High RPM Weapons. Slow when docile. Cool down makes it vulnerable. Low base HP.

Can you touch SCP 096?

Yes. Just don’t attack him.

Why do all SCPs fear 173?

It’s because they can cause immense pain, as SCP-173 can to SCP-682. Yes, SCP-173 has failed to terminate SCP-682, but it got fairly damn close. That’s much more powerful than a wasp is in my previous analogy. We are the reptile, SCP-173 is the wasp.

What’s the scariest SCP?

These are the SCPs that scare me the most:SCP-173 – He is so cute but also terrifying about his behavior. … SCP-096 – Don’t look at his face! … SCP-682 – The only SCP the facility wanted to destroy. … SCP-106 – That picture is terrifying. … SCP-049 – The second he feels like performing surgery, it’s a zombie apocalypse.More items…•