Quick Answer: Can Urgent Care Do Pap Smears?

How much does a Pap smear cost out of pocket?

To perform a Pap test, a doctor swabs some cells from a woman’s cervix and sends them to a lab, where they’re examined under a microscope by a pathologist.

The cost for that service is normally between $20 and $30..

What doctor do I go to for a Pap smear?

“Some internists and family medicine specialists can do general gynecology,” Dr. Albright said. “They do pap smears and STD screening. They also do breast exams.

Can you get a pap smear at a hospital?

You can get a Pap smear in a hospital, doctor’s office, health department, community hospital, or women’s health clinics across the country. What’s more, most medical insurance cards cover Pap smears and should not set you back a fortune.

Should I go to urgent care for pelvic pain?

If the pain is severe, go to the closest urgent care or emergency department. Loss of consciousness is another medical emergency. If someone loses consciousness, call 911 immediately for help.

What can urgent care diagnose?

Symptoms that can be evaluated and treated at an urgent care clinic include:Fever without a rash.Vomiting or persistent diarrhea.Abdominal pain.Wheezing or shortness of breath.Dehydration.Moderate flu-like symptoms.Sprains and strains.Small cuts that may require stitches.

Does urgent care deal with gynecology?

Other women’s health issues that can be treated at an urgent care can include concerns that you would generally bring up to your OB/GYN. … Urgent care centers have doctors that are trained to treat many conditions, and you should not have to wait to treat your women’s health concerns.