Question: Which Prefix Means Deficient?

Which suffix means deficiency?

(-penia)The suffix (-penia) means to lack or to have a deficiency.

It is derived from the Greek penía for poverty or need.

When added to the end of a word, (-penia) often indicates a specific type of deficiency..

Which prefix means half?

Demi- is a prefix that means half, partially, or something that is slightly inferior. The prefix demi– is derived from the Old French word demi meaning half, derived from the Latin word dimidius. The prefix demi– is not seen nearly as often as the prefixes hemi– and semi-.

Does Hypo mean low?

Hypo-: Prefix meaning low, under, beneath, down, or below normal, as in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyposensitivity (undersensitivity). The opposite of hypo- is hyper-.

What prefix goes with perfect?

Definition for per (2 of 4) a prefix meaning “through,” “thoroughly,” “utterly,” “very”: pervert; pervade; perfect. Chemistry.

Which prefix means blue?

cyanRoots Denoting Colorchlor/ogreencyan/oblueerythr/oredleuk/owhitemelan/oblack1 more row

What prefix means together?

comcom- a prefix meaning “with,” “together,” “in association,” and (with intensive force) “completely,” occurring in loanwords from Latin (commit): used in the formation of compound words before b, p, m: combine; compare; commingle. Also co-, col-, con-, cor-.

Which prefix means through?

dia-: Prefix taken straight from the Greek meaning through, throughout, completely as in diagnosis and dialysis.

What are the 10 examples of prefix?

10 Examples of PrefixesSub- Definition: under. Example Sentence: He has never seen a blue submarine in the my life.Post- Definition: postgraduate. … Auto- Definition: self. … Un- Definition: not. … Semi- Definition: half. … Mis- Definition: Wrong, wrongly. … Dis- Definition: Not, opposite of. … Re- Definition: Again.More items…

What are the 20 prefixes?

20 Examples of Prefixesde-, dis-opposite of, notdepose, detour, dehydrated, decaffeinated, discord, discomfort, disengageun-oppositeuncover, unlock, unsafe, unemploymentsemi-halfsemicircle, semiprecious, semicolon, semifinalre-again; backrewrite, reread, returnmid-middlemidterm, Midwest, midstream, midway, midnight11 more rows

What words are prefixes?

A prefix is a group of letters placed before the root of a word. For example, the word “unhappy” consists of the prefix “un-” [which means “not”] combined with the root (or stem) word “happy”; the word “unhappy” means “not happy.”

Which prefix means one?


What prefix means good?

tachy- Prefix means hypo- Below. Prefix means good, normal. Sub- Definition: under.

What is hypo in Latin?

short for hyposulfite thiosulfate. Prefix. Late Latin hypo-, hyp-, from Greek, from hypo — more at up.

What is hypo short for?

Hypo may be short for: Hypoglycemia, low blood glucose(sugar) Hypodermic needle, syringe, or injection.

Which prefix means deficiency?

hypoHypotensive. Hypoxia. (suffix -ia meaning condition, the prefix hypo- meaning deficient, and the root -ox- meaning oxygen)

Which prefix means deficient or decreased?

hypohypo- a prefix meaning … deficient or decreased. ( pg9)

Is Hypo a prefix or suffix?

The Greek prefix hypo- is an important morpheme of the English language. Examples using this prefix include hypothermia and hypocritical. An easy way to remember that the prefix hypo- means “under” is through the adjective hypodermic, which refers to going “under” the skin, especially when being given a shot.